Twice the profit than before

So one of our clients started his shoe-selling business. He created a website but did not know what to do to increase sales and traffic.

Our SEO team, which is also skilled in digital marketing, designed a customized plan while keeping in view the needs of our clients.

Here is what he wanted from his shoe-selling website.

  • More traffic.
  • More sales.
  • More clicks.
  • Customer satisfaction.

These were the very basic requirements of our client, and it was only possible through SEO optimization.

Our strategy for optimizing an e-commerce website

Step 01

Optimizing the home page

As the home page is one of the main landing pages where most of the clients would come, therefore, it was our first target. After all, the home page would be the chance for any visitor to make an opinion of your site.

The aim of refurbishing the home page was to create a better experience for the visitor. We worked on the visuals first, by adding pictures of the most demanded products.

Moreover, we added the following things to the home page too.

  • About the website and seller.
  • The contact.
  • Success story.
  • Services being offered.

Step 02

Call to action buttons on the home page

As our client also asked for more clicks on the site, which will ultimately lead to more sales, thus creating buttons on the home page was necessary.We placed these buttons at the center of the home page, thus increasing the chances of being clicked.

Step 03

Logo creation

Nice and attractive logos can go a long way when it comes to digital marketing. So we created a very stylish logo, having the tag line for this business to get an impact.

Step 04

The menu box

How would the client navigate if there is no menu box? Also, we did not create an open menu bar

, instead, it was a box.The reason for that was to let the images take more space on the viewers screen. The more they get to see what is available, the more intrigued they would be.Each shoe style was categorised accordingly, for a safe and easy user experience.

Step 05

Search boxes

To improve the user experience further, we included search boxes, 

these were located on the centre top of the home page.

Step 06

Link to shopping cart

Then the next thing we added was a link to the shopping cart. There we also added an option 

for coupons.Lastly, to increase sales, we put a slide show of all the products available and in demand.

Step 07

Simplified the site architecture

As it was only a show store, making it look complex for the navigator was a huge No. we worked on using very simple words even for the banners and

promotions.Then accessing the menu, carts, and search bar were also very easy. The location of all such areas was quite prominent.

Step 08

Product optimization

For each product, we created specific product descriptions, along with an area for customers to leave their reviews.

Additionally, at the end of each product page, we added a section for reviews and ratings. This was intended to help the buyer choose without any confusion.

Step 09

Frequently asked questions

For each product category we set a section for frequently asked questions. It was intended to educate 

the buyer more about the way those shoes were built.

The final results

By applying all the above-discussed strategies to increase sales, we get a 10 percent increase in the first two months.The product page optimization worked best in the client’s favor. Customers enjoyed reading and sharing reviews about each product. Then the easy-to-navigate system was also really helpful for prospective buyers.